Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heap in Hangzhou

Off to Hangzhou - the start of a quick visit to three Tier 2 cities in East China. I'd been to Hangzhou before but it was fleeting, and this time have thankfully managed to schedule in a couple of hours free-time to walk around the lake. From freezing, grey Beijing to warmish, verdant Hangzhou is a real tonic.
In the evening had dinner with Imogen Heap and the Dushi Kuaibao crowd. The former did a very successful music residency here for us a year or so ago. We failed to meet then but by chance she's back now. Nice, unassuming, energetic character. As part of her residency she composed a song, Xixi She Knows which sampled the sounds of Hangzhou, and made a video in 24 hours, both of which have become hits here. 
Afterwards we strolled amongst hoards of people and bright, paper lanterns. It's Lantern Day - the last day of Chinese New Year.

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