Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Music

Quiet day spent at home, me doing photo albums, Liz spring-cleaning, girls playing. I listened to more music than I have in months & months. A dozen or so family-friendly albums, picked almost at random, the girls shouting out letters of the alphabet - T, V, S, H, G, P, F, X D, I, A... So:

- Tycho Dive (newie electronica, reminiscent of Ulrich Schnauss)
- Verve Urban Hymns (an odd choice for me, but vocally refreshing)
- Anoushka Shankar Traveller (Indian flamenco on Deutsche Grammophon of all labels)
- Hatchback Zeus & Apollo (soothing but not bland recent electronica, from Wolfgang)


- Pierre Moerlen's Gong's Downwind (not that good, but worth it for the marimba's & Mike Oldfield's guitar on the title track)
- Pet Shop Boys Release (lost for ages - the disc was hiding in Verve's CD)
- Fairport Convention Liege & Leaf (sudden folk urge, on vinyl no less)
- XTC Wasp Star (a letter with not much choice...; their last album proper)
- Duet Emmo Or So It Seems (classic 1982 12" single by Daniel Miller, Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis)
- Isan Salle d'Isan (mid-period mini-album from Brit analogue duo)
- Aufgang Aufgang (lively trio of Julliard-trained pianists & electronics)

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