Monday, January 30, 2012


On Mondays, Alyssa & Naomi go to a little gallery within the Landmark Hotel, next to my office, to have a drawing class. We've got to know the couple who run it: the husband teaches the girls drawing techniques while the wife gives Liz a Chinese class. But the real draw - if you'll forgive the pun - are the hamsters, who scamper around in a cage in the back of the gallery. This is where we got ours.

So, here's a cube - by Alyssa as it turns out, but Naomi's was great too. They've done triangles, spheres, cylinders, hectagons, you name it. It's a good discipline, being able to draw, shade, create perspective - and they seem to enjoy it. Afterwards they go to a little Japanese restaurant, also within the hotel, for udon & sushi. I try to join them whenever I can, and did today. A nice little Monday routine.  

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  1. Excellent drawing! Pass on my congratulations. And I'm sure that N's was wonderful.