Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cartoon Espionage

More discussions about key issues and by the end of it I’ve got some useful action points to take away with me. A quick teleconference with London and then jumped in a cab to Markus & Caroline’s home in the French Concession. Lovely, as always, to see them.

Markus has been going on about Blake & Mortimer, the Belgian cartoon adventure series, created by Edgar Jacobs. Think Tintin & Haddock and 1950s espionage, only B&M are British. Like Herge, Jacobs was Belgian, and they’re in a very similar style. Why hadn’t I come across them before? Probably because they’ve only recently been published in English? Anyway, I’ve borrowed one of Markus’s original French language ones, L’Affaire Francis Blake, and hope that my comical French will be up to comic book standards.

Meanwhile, Caroline served up a fabulous dinner from a Gordon Ramsay cookbook but poor Markus got called away for a 2-hour work teleconference and I didn’t get to say goodbye to him.

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