Friday, November 11, 2011

1111hrs 11/11/11

This happens every now and again I suppose - famously when the Beijing Olympics opened at 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th of August 2008 - but the array of ones this morning was hard to beat. I mentioned it to a few colleagues in advance but no-one seemed that interested, so when the moment came, I 'celebrated' quietly with a muffin at my desk.

China movie night again tonight. We watched Still Life (2006). It's a typically slow Jia Zhangke film, set in the Three Gorges Dam area of central China: two separate stories about a man and a woman looking for their estranged partners amidst the literal disappearance of a town, soon to be submerged by the rising waters caused by the dam. There are some nice surreal moments like when a UFO flies by, or an astonishingly bleak building takes off like a rocket, or three men in full Peking Opera costumes sit down for dinner in an otherwise totally unconnected scene... but all in all, a bit too slow for us. Or maybe it's just we were knackered.

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