Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The usual mad day, finishing with a design talk at CAFA Museum which was supposed to be by Paul Cocksedge (he of the big red sculpture commissioned by Beijing Design Week) but he got severe food poisoning so Louise Shannon of the V&A gamely stepped in; then a dinner for several other designers; and finally off to the airport to pick up the Honourable Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries.

While waiting in Arrivals, my boss Joanna & I sat with a coffee going through the 27th and final version of his programme and for some reason we got the giggles. I think it was tiredness or hysteria. In any case, for about ten minutes we laughed and laughed and laughed. So much that I thought I was going to be sick or choke or die or something. Tears, barely able to speak, just uncontrollable. Weird. Anyway, we finally managed to compose ourselves before the Minister arrived and the drive to his hotel was suitably serious and professional.

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