Monday, September 26, 2011

Beijing Design Week kicks off

The start of Beijing Design Week required a big flashy opening ceremony and got it, at the Millennium Monument on the west side of town. Somewhat chaotic, it had the aura of a Hollywood red carpet event with Beijing's beautiful people and a good smattering of officials and designers, plus searchlights, a pop singer, some cute smiling children and a cast of hundreds. Millennium Monument, a strange looking edifice at the best of times, was lit up like a UFO. The only thing missing was fireworks.

Presiding over everything was the Mayor of Beijing, joined - because London is Guest City - by numerous Brits: Sir John Sorrell (Chairman of London Design Festival), Tamara Mellon (CEO of Jimmy Choo), Paul Cocksedge (who designed a big red sculpture specially for the occasion) and various others. Lord Marland of Odstock gave a speech. It's a going to be a busy week. 

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  1. Lord Marland of Odstock? Sounds like you made that one up. But a look on the old t'nternet tells me you didnt!!