Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X is for...

Needless to say, a paucity of Xs, but enough for a Top 5:
  • XTC
  • X-Ray Spex
  • Xmal Deutschland
  • Bernard Xolotl
  • X-Beliebig
And needless to say, XTC get pride of place, consistently fabulous, from their urgent new wave days and 80s pop finesse, to the retro Dukes of Stratosphear and sublime swansongs, Apple Venus and Wasp Star. X-Ray Spex qualify for their great 1978 album Germ Free Adolescents (and RIP to singer Poly Styrene who died a few weeks ago...). Xmal Deutschland were a classic 4AD 80s band, while X-Beliebig were Austria's version of Joy Division (I have one very good abum). And Bernard Xolotl is a French electronic musician who has occasionally produced some good stuff inbetween a lot of new age schmaltz.  

One could add composer and sometime architect, Iannis Xenakis, and Krautrock obscuros Xhol Caravan 'though I couldn't honestly say I was a big fan of either. And finally there was Xenon, aka Dave Hunt, a recording engineer who has floated around with several other Daves: Beresford, Toop, Cunningham etc, and once offered me a cassette of his own music under the name of Xenon, which would have been YHR032 had I kept York House Recordings going. Any others?

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  1. If asked, I would have said I have nothing by any X's, but I forgot about Bernard Xolotl. The fact that I forgot him suggests he's not high on my list of favourites.