Friday, June 17, 2011

Touring a Dandelion

This week our modestly sized but supposedly perfectly formed exhibition about Shanghai Expo's UK Pavilion (nicknamed Dandelion) arrived in China to begin a tour of a few cities. The Pavilion itself has been dismantled, although we've got a hundred or so rods cut up into manageable bits in the basement as 'corporate gifts'. So our exhibition is a kind of legacy project, the story of how it was commissioned, designed, built and the reaction to it over the six months of the Expo.

First stop Chongqing. On opening the crates, however, we discovered to our horror that much of it was waterlogged. Cue frantic running around trying to find a lab that could print out new photo panels from hurriedly downloaded digital artwork, all in time for the opening at this afternoon. They managed it. And there's a nice book too.

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