Monday, August 30, 2010

Girls' first day at school

Dressed in their new school uniforms and carrying smart black briefcases, Liz and I walked the girls to their first day at their new school. I don't know who was more nervous: us or them.

It's a small primary school: a 3-storey building, playground and gym; about 250 kids all-in. Parents and children mingled in the playground for a while before the children were asked to line up behind their new teachers. Most of the kids are half-Chinese (with one Western parent) although there's a sprinkling of 'full' Westerners. After a while, the lines of children disappeared into the building to their classes. I felt proud and a bit teary to be honest. So, they went off to hopefully make new friends - and so did we with various parents over coffee.

Emotionally drained, I went off to the opening of Beijing International Book Fair to give a speech about China being the country of honour at London Book Fair 2012. Easy by comparison!

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