Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our home is confirmed. We'll be living at Golf Apartments from the beginning of next month, once our baggage has arrived by sea from Thailand and cleared customs. It's near the office (5-10 mins by bike or taxi) and school (15 mins by bus). We're on the 17th floor of one of several towers in a pleasant compound. There's a great view west over the city, including - and here's the name explained - a 9-hole golf course immediately next door, although it's got nothing to do with the apartments so no membership thrown in, even if I wanted it. It's amazing to find such a large expanse of green so central - a bit like the racecourse in Bangkok.

This evening we meet the owner, Mr Jia. He's CEO of Solar Total China, speaks fluent English, has just put his son into Imperial College London, and - as it turns out - has exquisite taste in art and furniture. He invites us out to the new house he's just had built just outside the city to have a look at furniture. It's amazing - very secluded with high ceilings and filled with wonderful, authentic & replica Ming & Qing Dynasty tables, chairs, paintings, prints, vases... The immense gate of an old temple is attached to the back of the house and there are ponds and trees dotted about. He's obviously rich as heck. The new China.


  1. Pleased to learn you've got somewhere. Sounds good. And if the map I've just looked at is correct, not too far from where you are at the moment?

  2. rich as heck... must remember that phrase.