Sunday, June 20, 2010

A gathering in the garden

This afternoon, and into the evening, we had a farewell party in the garden with all our good friends from Serenity Park. Some we've known for four years (Ikko & Shige), others for three (Xavier & Irena), some for two (Cathy & Guillaume, Kim & Jim) and still others for a year or less (Raphael & Loic, Deborah & Albert, Miriam...), but all of whom have become good friends.

While the children swam, we chatted over drinks and nibbles until it was dark. The World Cup was definitely off the agenda. All our home countries - England, France, Japan, Australia and USA - are in the tournament, and we're all struggling; France disintegrating actually. Only Japan has won a game so far. Still, there's more to life than football. We will miss everyone but already there's talk of visits to Beijing.

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