Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bobby Raja's

My last visit to my tailor's. Four shirts to go with the suits, trousers and tux I've had made over the last four years. Bobby is an institution, Indian Sikh by culture, but born I think in Bangkok. He remembers everyone, has all the patter, offers the men a beer and the women a G&T while they wait. Gets the tape out, "Measurements still the same, sir", ready on Saturday. From there to school for parents evening. Glowing reports, beer and food provided, such a nice little school. The girls will miss it. And then to the cinema, first time together for about a year, to see Sex and the City 2. A bit silly, especially the Abu Dhabi excess, and a more different film to Katalin Varga I couldn't imagine. But all harmless fun.

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