Monday, August 3, 2015

Ladykillers in Liskeard

A few miles north of Liskeard, in the hamlet of Upton Cross, is a curious little theatre called Sterts. It was founded in 1990 by actor & musician couple Ewart & Ann Sturrock. At first it was open to the elements, but in 1994 they managed to get funding for a Millennium Dome-like roof, lighting & backstage facilities and now Sterts is a decent 300-capacity auditorium. I can't begin to think how challenging this must have been.
This evening I took the girls to see their production of The Ladykillers. The 1955 Ealing comedy is one of my favourite films, and I have to say Sterts' stage version gave it a good run for its money - certainly better than the dull Coen Bothers 2004 remake. The mostly local actors played it very close to the original and at times you could almost imagine Guinness, Sellers, Lom & co there on the stage. 

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