Monday, July 27, 2015

Horrible History at Warwick Castle

A day-trip to Warwick Castle with P, T & C. A first time for me: impressive in size, history and admission fee. From the early 1600s it was owned by the Greville family but in 1978 was sold to Madame Tussauds who turned it into a major visitor attraction. And for sure there's plenty to do: have-a-go-archery & sword flights, jousting, a techy 'Time Tower' and castle rooms brought to life by audio and Tussauds models. There was a great birds of prey show - eagles, vultures and even a condor swooping down from the castle turrets low over the audience. But best of all was a Horrible History stage show which engagingly told the story of the Castle. All very 'edutaining', and in a good way. 

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