Monday, October 13, 2014

Penthouse and Pavement

Went to a big garden party this evening at the ambassador's residence. It was for a business delegation covering art, design, music and... airports, together with a whole bunch of Mexican contacts. The music was great: Heaven 17, Blondie, Heaven 17, Deee-lite, Heaven 17... Hang on, who was that stately DJ with the thinning hair? Yes, it was Martyn Ware! Had a tongue-tied chat during the speeches before he recommenced... with Let Me Go by, er, Heaven 17. Since when did DJs play their own music?
'Headline' act, though, was a Mexican band called Stroker who were like a cross between Red Snapper and Magma, the lead instruments being trumpet and sax. Odd, but good.

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  1. Saw him at a "Future of Sound" event, in the suit, greased back hair, singing "Being Boiled" - was like a strange corporate karaoke.