Sunday, November 17, 2013

Such a Common Name

There are David Elliotts everywhere, including 11 on Wikipedia. Here's  a dozen for starters: 1970s player/manager of Newport County FC, a children's author from New Hampshire,  a director who worked on Thunderbirds and Stingray, a Canadian poet, an Australian politician, a rock star from the early 70s (see left), a Professor of Music in New York, an American actor (who changed his name from Smith), Dionne Warwick's son, a North Carolina prison director, a healer, a stained-glass designer, and - the only one I know personally - the museum director and curator, who lived in Tokyo same time as me (We once, confusingly, gave consecutive speeches at an Antony Gormley opening). 
To say nothing of alternatively spelt David Eliot (magician), David Elliot (Scottish footballer) and David Eliott (is there one!?). 

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