Saturday, August 3, 2013


A morning of 'stuff' at home, cycling around town in the afternoon and a concert at the NCPA in the evening - the first of doubtless many Britten programmes in this his centenary year. Two pieces: the short Russian Funeral (1936) for brass band, and the much longer Suite from Death in Venice (1973), his last opera. In between was a strange not-in-the-programme piece by a young Chinese composer featuring everything but the kitchen sink - and not without interest. (What a damning expression). 
Second half was Shostakovitch's Symphony no.15 (1971). OK. I won't beat about the bush. I really don't like Shostakovitch and this was typical: dull, joyless and incredibly long. I did that rare thing. I left before the end. I would have been tempted by this T-shirt, mind, had it been on sale.

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