Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pedal Power

I've been struck - thankfully not literally - by how many cyclists there are in in London. Swarms of them, much much more than in Beijing. I mean there've always been quite a lot: mountain-biker couriers, Boris Bikes, fold-up Bromptons... but following Olympic success last summer, everyone seems to be pedalling in to work these days. 
And on a more competitive note, the 2013 Tour De France starts today, the 100th since it began in 1903 (two world wars account for the poor maths). And somehow, even though last year's winner Bradley Wiggins is out through injury, another (adopted) Brit, Chris Froome, stands a good chance this year. Who'd have thought it etc. The winner will take home a great deal of money. The first Tour winner, Maurice Garin, bought a small petrol station with his takings, where he worked for the rest of his life.

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