Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cassettes and Vinyl

Liz and the children went on a girl guides camping trip, out by the Wall today. So home alone for me, catching up on tons of 'stuff', all to the soundtrack of weird music which doesn't normally get much of a look-in... 
Including working on a much-delayed Andrew Cox compilation. The old cassettes were sounding horribly wobbly so a friend re-spooled the tape into new shells, and now they sound fine. Spent most of the afternoon digitising them into wav files. But there's plenty more to do, not least the cover artwork, and for that I'll need my 'Andrew file' which is buried in a container in Wembley. Still, it's progressing.
Another task (albeit a pleasurable one) was to listen to a beautifully packaged 4-LP box set by the Australian group Laughing Hands, having been given a copy by one-time member Paul Schutze the other day. It's good: Jon Hassell meets Dome, dark ambient kind of thing. And there's a nice DVD Paul produced recently of abstract studies of churning of water and revolving light.
There's still a place for cassettes and vinyl, as I discovered in London last month. The day before I arrived was National Record Store Day which was heavy on the analogue.

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