Monday, October 8, 2012

MFH Revisited

A much-anticipated box of CDs arrived by post today, containing a compilation of music Andrew and I made 30 years ago. Grandly titled MFH 1979-85, it's a (cough) 'Best Of', released on the never-more-appropriately-named Forced Nostalgia label. Nice to see it finally out. 
The music dates back to Sussex University days, where we doodled on neanderthal electronic gadgets and the occasional proper instrument, literally in our bedrooms, and which we then released ourselves on a cassette label (YHR). As such, it's probably for experimental music and cassette-culture enthusiasts only, minor pieces of sound from an altogether innocent era. 
In any case, it's come out well. Nice sleeve (thanks Gary), clear, no-hiss sound (thanks Roberto) and the whole process smoothly managed (thanks Fre). See reviews & ordering info at Boomkat and Norman Records
I'm wondering what Andrew would have made of it. I think he'd be proud. I hope it sells like hotcakes.

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