Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's been a very strange weekend here in Bangkok. On the one hand, we're seeing friends, with an emphasis on playdates & sleepovers; on the other I'm numb with grief. Difficult to believe that mum has gone and that this isn't some kind of dream or parallel universe. Strange too to be posting this on an open-to-all blog. Perhaps some things are best left private. 

In the early evening, with Liz shopping and Alyssa at a playdate, Naomi and I were walking through Lumphini Park. As usual, it was full of life: mass aerobics sessions, rollerbladers weaving in & out of cones, the playground full of children (and where we bumped into friends), the oldies doing their tai chi or just chatting by the lakes, and the first of the Music in the Park concerts which run every Sunday evening during the 'winter'. I remember taking mum to the park exactly five years ago, as the girls tried out their new scooters which they'd got for Christmas. There was something about remembering those moments and being surrounded by life that made it hard to suppress the emotions.

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