Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rock docs

Tonight I watched Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, the biopic of Ian Dury. Ian Serkis is fabulous as Dury. It got me thinking about music documentaries. I quite fancy the idea of curating a festival of Brit rock docs. Trying to avoid straight-forward concert films, here's a quick dozen off the top of my head, starting at the beginning:

- Summer Holiday
- A Hard Day's Night
- Telstar
- Gimme Shelter
- Let It Be
- Tommy
- Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
- Ziggy Stardust
- The Song Remains the Same
- The Filth and the Fury
- This is Spinal Tap
- Glastonbury
- Scott Walker: 30th Century Man
- Control

Of course there's many more. Do feel free to add...


  1. Be Glad For The Song Has No End
    Glastonbury Fayre
    Cracked Actor
    No Direction Home
    That'll Be the Day / Stardust

  2. Is Be Glad... ISB? Yup, the original Glastonbury doc. Cracked Bowie - yes, absolutely. Dylan's NDH is not terribly Brit... And yes, the two Essex vehicles, particularly That'll Be The Day with great Ringo performance.

    I guess we should also add Quadrophenia and Yellow Submarine... but perhaps not Help! or Magical Mystery Tour.

  3. Actually, you could probably curate a whole fest just on Julien Temple's films. There's the not-terribly-good but colourfully of-its-time Absolute Beginners, and the recent Oil City Confidential (about Dr Feelgood) and I gather he's working on The Kinks next (You Really Got Me).