Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hong Kong looking particularly attractive today. Lovely weather so lunch (after five back-to-back meetings) was outside - a stone's throw from our office and in the shadow of Bank of China Tower. I wonder what the total number of floors and lifts is in HK?

On the way back from recce-ing a museum which will show our Made in Britain exhibition, I felt extraordinarily lucky to be doing what I'm doing. The moment was brief as I received a text message summoning me back early to Beijing. All hands to the pump for a full-on week ahead. More on that after it's over...


  1. Hi David!!!! Too bad we missed you - we were in HK also from Friday last week until yesterday ! We enjoyed it so much and can testify the weather was gorgeous and the lifts-counting must drive you mad. We had no clue you were there too ;-( otherwise we would have found the time to go for a beer...
    We hope there is nothing serious going in back in Beijing

    Xavier & family back in BKK

  2. How funny! And what a shame we didn't realise. Nothing serious in BJ. Just work, preparing for and a visit by someone important next week. Best to you all!